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Animal fats and proteins for highly demanding markets

SOLEVAL develops, produces and markets a broad range of animal fats and hydrolysed proteins.

SOLEVAL offers sustainable solutions that boost your competitive edge.

Sustainable solutions by nature

SOLEVAL’s business naturally helps to preserve and to protect our planet’s primary, energy and agricultural resources by generating added value from animal by-products.

Nutritional ingredients for your market

Because of their high protein and fat contents, animal by-products provide unmatched energy and nutrition opportunities. SOLEVAL valorizes these materials to be used in other industries, making the most of their specified qualities. This naturally avoids raw materials taken from human food sources and is fully in line with a sustainable development approach. As such, we actively support efforts to solve one of our planet's greatest challenges: meet the growing demands for food while preserving our planet's natural resources for future generations. See our commitments.

Who to contact

If you have any questions about our
solutions, you can contact our sales-team!

SOLEVAL Finished Products Sales Department:

72, Avenue Olivier Messiaen
72000 Le Mans - France

Phone: +33 2 44 81 50 10